Let’s be frank, folks.  Let’s be HONEST!  Or, should we say, “Who do you trust to be honest with you?”

September 8, 2021

Define Your Terms

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So says Voltaire.  Remember him?  He also said “The pen is mightier than the sword.” Why is it so important
These are the words of Thomas Paine.  In his time (c. 1776), Paine was the Champion of the people.  He

August 23, 2021

American Patriots

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Life long Democrat’s assessment of elected Democrats’ words & behavior What the ****!  Close ranks around your leader.  Biden cannot

August 9, 2021

Are we Awake Yet?

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“Survival of the Wisest”   Dr. Jonas Salk What if….. Our planet Earth was experiencing unprecedented deterioration? Wildfires, flooding, iceberg
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