Are we Awake Yet?

“Survival of the Wisest”   Dr. Jonas Salk

What if…..

  • Our planet Earth was experiencing unprecedented deterioration?
  • Wildfires, flooding, iceberg meltdowns, the gulf-stream disappearing and the destruction of our rain forests-to name only a few planet “changes” that are taking place, were REAL?
  • A fat clump of citizens were in total and absolute denial of science and the FACTS ?

And…What if…

  • A virus (COVID) began “culling” the human species?  Yes, nature is fighting back in the only way it can:  Extinction of the irritant!

We think we are invincible.  There is no such thing as Evolution; and if there is, we humans are not a part of it.

In “Survival of the Wisest,” Dr. Salk illustrates human evolution on the only scale that matters: Wisdom.  Competition is destructive and encourages might vs. Right.  This may have served business, capitalism and the monied class.  It has out-lasted its usefulness.  Competition has become the enemy of the species.  Rather than encouraging the best (as in days past) it encourages stupidity, racism and blind loyalty to the very leaders who send them to their own destruction.

Tell me, how does it make us smart to deny reality?  Nature is turning against its #1 enemy.  And, as naturalist David Attenborough explains, the planet will survive the changes.  We humans will not!

Become an activist!  Save the human race!  Save the Earth the only way we can:  With the TRUTH!  BE AN AGENT OF TRUTH!

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