Cain & Able…forever?

We pen this post on the heels of yet another outrage between Israel and their “tenants” the Palestinians.

“How long?  How long?”

The facts:

1. Both Israelis and Palestinians are Semites.  It is their common heritage.  BTW Jesus was also a Semite.

2.  There is strong evidence that both have more ancient common ancestry:  they are both Canaanites.  (National Geographic).  Now, to be clear, this common ancestry includes Jordan, Lebanon and parts of Syria.

So we are witness to Brother against Brother:  Cain vs, Able.  The disputed land has been home to both.  In reality, neither has a greater claim to the land.  Israel claims Divine Providence.  They call themselves “the chosen people.”  What of the Palestinians?  Are they not also “the chosen”?  And, WHO CHOSE ?  God?  WHOSE GOD?

The city where history and reality merge is Jerusalem.  Jerusalem is the sacred city of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.  Instead of using this reality to unite brother & sister, all under the Temple Mount, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, instead of peace and cooperation, this holy site has been the battle field.  This is nothing short of insanity!

Thanks for a ceasefire and recognition of the Palestinians – thanks goes to President Joe Biden.  We are blessed to have a man of vision, a man of patriotism, a man of integrity leading our country and engaging with the world.

Now, Israel needs to grow up, behave in a humane manner, and work towards a 2-state solution.  Palestinians are ready.  The world is ready!

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