America Rises

Eyes Wide Open

When was the last time you questioned your own opinion on…education, or childcare, or race, or gender, or perhaps politics…or your future and the future of your country? These are serious questions; questions that open consciousness, conscious thought. Without self-examination there can be no growth. The act of ”doubling down” on old, worn out ideology …

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Cain & Able…forever?

We pen this post on the heels of yet another outrage between Israel and their “tenants” the Palestinians. “How long?  How long?” The facts: 1. Both Israelis and Palestinians are Semites.  It is their common heritage.  BTW Jesus was also a Semite. 2.  There is strong evidence that both have more ancient common ancestry:  they …

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History: The Times Have Found Us

THE TIMES HAVE FOUND US. (The words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi) These words are our reminder to stand with our Constitution and the Rule of Law. We really are at the point of critical choice. Do we only stand with our Constitution when it’s convenient and abandon it when we loose elections? The Constitution is …

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“The Times, They Are A-Changin’”

What does it mean when we see repetitive numbers?  Some call them ‘angel numbers.”  But, it is not that this is unusual.  It happens all the time.  It is our AWARENESS that is changing.  We notice more synchronous events, like the repetitive numbers. Changing awareness brings a wake-up call.  Awareness shines light on the reality …

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What Now?

Where shall we begin?  As we write, Americans and the world are watching the 2nd impeachment trial of a Con-man who surreptitiously was installed in the most powerful position in the world.  And refused to accept the results of an election he LOST.  He is a LOSER…and will always be remembered as a LOSER. How …

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Be The Change

This year, 2021, is an extraordinary time. What are your intentions (not resolutions) this year?  How do you want to look back at this year from New Year’s Eve, 2021?  What did you achieve?  What did you contribute? Here are a few suggestions for 2021 intentions:  Give more of yourself than last year.  Our world …

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