And what, say you, about this day? We are living in a time of religious fervor. It all happened largely with McConnell at the helm of the republicans. They packed the courts. Many in lower courts, but most importantly, he stacked the Supreme Court. So, we have looked at the makeup of the court. SIX …


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Wake Up! What does it mean?

Quite simply, Waking Up is the acceptance of TRUTH & rejection of Lies. Our minds have great potential. Yet, we have only scratched the surface of our potential. It is our responsibility to learn, to grow, to contribute to the betterment of our race. Our RACE: HUMANKIND. That means all of us…every single one of …

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Eyes Wide Open

When was the last time you questioned your own opinion on…education, or childcare, or race, or gender, or perhaps politics…or your future and the future of your country? These are serious questions; questions that open consciousness, conscious thought. Without self-examination there can be no growth. The act of ”doubling down” on old, worn out ideology …

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“Don’t Look Up”

If you have not seen this Netflix movie…you are missing out on a great comedy reflecting reality…our reality. The film is a metaphor for climate change and our unconsciousness to the gravity of the situation. And it is very, very funny…not the reality, but our action/reaction to it: aka DENIAL. DENIAL is more than a …

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Misinformation = LIES = Death

Let’s be frank, folks.  Let’s be HONEST!  Or, should we say, “Who do you trust to be honest with you?” FACT: Trump won the presidency with highly questionable results. But, we accepted this as a nation.  He lost the second time.  Yes, Trump is a looser, that creature he so detests.  It may be the …

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Define Your Terms

Why is it so important to define our terms?  Consider, if someone says they are “pro life” – what does that mean?  Can you be for capital punishment, yet claim to be pro life?  No!  If you are pro life, you must use masks as a defense against the COVID virus…masks save lives.  That is …

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