Define Your Terms

So says Voltaire.  Remember him?  He also said “The pen is mightier than the sword.”

Why is it so important to define our terms?  Consider, if someone says they are “pro life” – what does that mean?  Can you be for capital punishment, yet claim to be pro life?  No!  If you are pro life, you must use masks as a defense against the COVID virus…masks save lives.  That is pro life. How about if you are against government assistance, such as medical care?  Nope!  Medical assistance is life saving.  Pro life.  Food assistance?  It is, of course, Pro life!  Education?  Without it opportunities just don’t exist.  Pro life!

And the big one (drum roll, please) guns!  2020 was the deadliest due to gun violence in two decades.  2021 is already breaking records with gun violence.  What’s that 2nd Amendment argument?  Do guns win out over our right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?  Pro life?

It is ILLOGICAL (nonsensical) to claim something and do the opposite…ILLOGICAL & HYPOCRITICAL.  And yet…and yet…

WE KNOW that “pro life” is a dog whistle for anti-abortion.  So why do they use the term “pro life” instead of the correct term “anti abortion?” OPTICS!  It looks better, sounds better and it’s more effective with your base.  And don’t forget religion.  Religion is a great political tool.  The base is easily manipulated when playing to their fears and ignorance.

Yes, Republican politicians are using you for their own political ambitions.  Do you really think they are pro life?  How many GOP wives, daughters, girlfriends and adulterous (gasp!) lovers have had abortions?  And will continue getting abortions despite draconian Texas laws?  The well-to-do always have access.  It is the poor who lack resources.  Abortions do not end with Texas laws.  They become “coat-hanger” abortions where nightmares reside.  Pro life?

When we use our minds (God-given) we get answers.  Don’t buy the hype.  Maybe it’s time to demand accountability from these extremists politicians.  Do their actions match their words?  Demand they DEFINE THEIR TERMS.

BTW: Aren’t you tired of wrinkled old white men getting in your pants?

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