“Don’t Look Up”

If you have not seen this Netflix movie…you are missing out on a great comedy reflecting reality…our reality. The film is a metaphor for climate change and our unconsciousness to the gravity of the situation. And it is very, very funny…not the reality, but our action/reaction to it: aka DENIAL.

DENIAL is more than a river in Egypt (couldn’t help myself). DENIAL is huge in America. There is the big one: denial of the proven 2020 U.S. presidential race – tested & true. Many deniers are adamant about their reality, with no proof, nothing, nada. The facts, the truth, the reality is the exact opposite of their “reality.” But that does not seem to alter their beliefs. They cling ever tighter to the LIE. Those who perpetuate the LIE certainly don’t believe it. They know the truth, but they can manipulate with the Lie. They find it politically expedient to continue riling up their base. It’s a big part of the DUMBING DOWN of America, with dangerous ramifications…like an insurrection, an attempted coup. (And that is TRUTH, that is FACT.)

“Believing in something because we wish it to be so, is the greatest derangement of the mind.” It is delusion. In the consciousness continuum this is low on the scale, akin to unconscious thought. And unconscious thought is often simply repeating what others tell us, minus any critical thinking on our part to check these statements. It is a LAZY MIND!

CONSCIOUSNESS, AWARENESS, and UNDERSTANDING – If you try to understand your world, you are learning , ascending in consciousness. You are moving past limited thought. You are beginning critical awareness. And this is growth. We start out with lies. Even little lies prepare our minds for bigger lies.

The Trump Lie is like Santa with one great exception: The Santa lie brings gifts to others. The Trump Lies take and take and take even more. And give nothing in return, save one: Trump Lies give steam to destruction – Racism is “justified.” (Make you feel good about your fears & hate?). When you buy into LIES, you give your power away. And folks, you will live to regret it. Just don’t blame those trying to help you and our country. And that ain’t the GOP.

Children have fertile minds, like blank slates awaiting thought, direction. There are those wanting to blame schools and teachers and text book curriculum for “poisoning” the minds of our children. Folks, it started a lot earlier. It started at home, with the best of intentions. Then, moving on to the effect school boards have on the minds of our children, our future. How can we leave the fate of our country to “alternate facts?” THERE ARE FACTS AND THERE ARE LIES. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ALTERNATE FACTS…simply because we wish it to be so. There’s an old saying, crude but wise: Wish in one hand and sh*t in the other and see which one fills up faster!

And that is our beginning. That unconscious behavior becomes our life’s challenge. And that is the territory where we begin.

Stay tuned…

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