GOP Follows The Dinosaur Path … Really!

NOTE:  This is an open letter to those with insurrection or sedition on their minds.  A word of caution…

It is believed that a species/culture is on its way to extinction by its own distinct behavior patterns:

1. An outside agent of destruction is present.  For dinosaurs it was an earthbound comet.  For the Mayan civilization, it was the European invasion.  For the GOP it is Coronavirus.

2.  The reaction to the outside agent is powerlessness.  For the dinosaurs, reaction was impossible.  They fell victim to the comet’s destruction.  For the Mayan (and many others, including Native Americans) it was invasion by Europeans.  But for the GOP, they CHOOSE, actively, to contribute to their own demise.  How?  LIES, that’s how.  Lies are disruptive and deadly.  The LIARS are your controllers.  THEY ARE USING YOU.

  •  The BIG LIE that the 2020 election was “rigged.”  This encouraged more and more lies.  They believe this crap!  If they think 2020 was rigged, it is because they WANT TO BELIEVE.  Insanity is believing in something because you want it to be so.  They look at TRUTH AS THE ENEMY.
  •  The Lie of the Pandemic – You see, there is no virus because it demands truth.  What about my rights?  What about my liberties?  They get very angry at being “imposed upon” by REALITY.
  •  The Lie of the vaccine – Who needs a vaccine for a nonexistent virus?  It’s big government, big brother, Big Pharma!

Well, we say “bye, bye!”  You, or someone you love, may well join the 700,000+ victims of the pandemic.  Ignorance is no defense.

Follow the SCIENCE.  Science is logic is truth.  Politicians against the TRUTH, against SCIENCE, are your executioners.  Trump, McConnell, & Co. are not your friends.  They push LIES, because it worked for them before (note a Trump presidency).  Don’t fool yourselves into believing they care about anything other than Power and Profit.  Check the record.  Check the facts.  And…they are sore losers.

Nature’s way of dealing with an irritant is to spit it out, destroy it.  Science teaches us about species survival and extinction.  But we are all a bit “verclempt” at your support and active courting of your own destruction.

WAKE UP!  It is our only hope.  Awareness means opening our eyes to REALITY.  You may not like the REALITY looking back at you.  But survival depends upon DEALING with REALITY.  There is no other way.  The TRUTH will out.

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