Happy Birthday, America. {The Global Pariah!}

When is a birthday not a happy occasion? When the PUBLIC HEALTH is put in grave danger! When the Sociopathic Leader holds a self-aggrandizing rally at the feet of Mount Rushmore on July 3rd. Then, on the 4th, Trump crowds in DC for fireworks again. Trump venues discourage life savings actions:

**No masks
**Trespassing on Native American land without permission
**No social distancing, seats crammed together, crowd gathering day before, 7500 people. The CDC links large gatherings to spread of the virus.
**Fireworks in a high risk fire area

We are in a PANDEMIC. The numbers are growing out of control. Many states were leveling out with the number of virus victims. Until the Trump/Pence indoor and outdoor rallies in the past month.

Our “commander in chief” :

*Is putting our troops in harm’s way. Daddy Putin put a bounty on American troops. Together, with cash to the Taliban, Putin/Trump are KILLING our soldiers. And not a word from Trump, other than his usual denial. And no OUTRAGE?
*Trump refuses to listen to governors’ and mayors‘ requests to stop these gatherings in the name of Americans. He has failed epically in his lack of leadership (interest), lack of compassion, and most importantly Trump is putting US Troops, Americans in harm’s way.

*Trump has been firing Inspectors General – the OVER-SIGHT of our government. Their job is to monitor the government.
*Trump DOES NOT READ! This is so perilous, so destructive to our Democracy. Other than being a lazy, indifferent leader, Trump is actively separating Americans. Divide and conquer.
**It is important to note: Many, many physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists have monitored Trump’s behavior from the beginning of his presidency. Trump exhibits the characteristics of:
Narcissism – Enough about me. Now what do you think about me? Always, always it is about him.
Sociopathic behavior – Total disregard for the consequences of his behavior.
Pathological Liar – almost 20,000 lies since taking office; does not include the myriad lies and deceptions he used to take office.

TRUMP EGO – out of control!

America: We are in grave danger. The virus is out of control. And our president has lost interest!

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