History: The Times Have Found Us

THE TIMES HAVE FOUND US. (The words of Speaker Nancy Pelosi)

These words are our reminder to stand with our Constitution and the Rule of Law. We really are at the point of critical choice. Do we only stand with our Constitution when it’s convenient and abandon it when we loose elections?

The Constitution is our playbook. It is the bottom line, and the protector of the Constitution is the U S Supreme Court. They interpret law and rule on Constitutionality. A Federal Judge called AG Barr “disingenuous.” Seems Barr “misled” the American people with his premature, inaccurate (read that LIE) interpretation of Muller ‘s report. He did that to protect Trump, at the expense of the American people.

When, America, oh when can we get this get this Orange Albatross off the neck of our Democracy?


And Putin smiled.

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