‘I read the news today, oh boy!’

In today’s America, we are in greater danger than ever. It’s like being thrown overboard and fighting for breath. There is a global pandemic that has reached our shores. And we are woefully unprepared. Why? Why is the greatest country on earth lagging behind?

Over the past 3 years the CDC, the Dept. of Health and Human Services have suffered mass layoffs. If you are loyal to your country first, you’re out. Your loyalty must be totally to the Idiot King. Many other important positions, like the huge number of judges approved by the Republican Senate, are mainly not qualified. Their loyalty, fealty must be to the IK.

But it is not the Idiot King who is entirely responsible. He is what he is: a narcissist, compulsive liar with sociopathic behavior. I am no doctor, don’t need to be, it is THAT OBVIOUS. In fact, it is so obvious that you would have to have blinders on not to see it.

The truly culpable are Senate Leader, Moscow Mitch with the Republican Senate and Congress in lock step. THEY KNOW BETTER!

They know that the ‘tax cuts’ were to truly benefit the ultra wealthy and corporations and, of course, the Idiot King. And with the help, the boosting of the Republicans, we are now in unknown territory. The real cuts are the ones they are making to social programs, like food stamps and health care, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), etc.

”According to the Congressional Budget Office, the annual deficit – the shortfall of federal revenue compared with spending in a given fiscal year – will soon push past $1 trillion. 2018’s budget deficit was the largest since 2012, when the US was still dealing with the fallout from the recession…Based on CBO’s projection, Trump will have accumulated $3.73 trillion by the end of the 2020 fiscal year…”.

Make no mistake: We, the people, are at war with the Republicans. And we need the very best to lead us.

We support and endorse Joe Biden, and all Democrats up and down the ballot. Our republic depends on it!

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