Instant Karma: God is Good!

Did Trump really think he could get away with it? Get away with…

TREASON – Trump knew that Putin has been paying a bounty to the Taliban to MURDER American soldiers. Paying in cash!
CORRUPTION – is everywhere in this administration.
PANDEMIC – well folks, Trump says we’re doing great. How great? The EU just banned
Americans…that is just how good we’re doing. Canada wants a wall between us. If you want to live, don’t follow Trump Team.

Why? Because our “fearless leader” does not concern himself with anything but his re-election campaign. And, he must report to the real Fearless Leader: Putin.

“All roads lead to Putin” Speaker Pelosi knows this well. So do the Republicans: Moscow Mitch is a name he earned. They know Trump’s crimes and exonerated him anyway. Rep. Adam Schiff warned the Senate that if they exonerate Trump from his “Russia” crimes, that he would just do it again, and probably worse. WE WERE WARNED.

So, here we are, 4 months to the election and our country is a mess! America has been raped! By Putin/Trump and their minions, the Republican Party. They are all traitors to our country and traitors to Democracy. Their allegiance, with Trump, is to Putin.

Now this is the Putin who was a KGB officer, who blames the fall of the Soviet Union on the United States of America. He has enemies pushed out of windows to their death. He poisons those who speak out against him. But, Mother Nature/the Universe/God is wise. God says, “ Leave it to me. We created this wonder system called Karma: What you do to others, you do to yourself. We are all connected. What goes around, comes
around. THAT is Justice.” In four months we vote for president, senate, congress and more. How will you decide? Friends, there
simply is no question. If you want our country, our Democracy to survive, there is only one choice: Go Blue!

That is JUSTICE!

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