It’s 1865 (2.0), not 1776 Dummy!

It is not 1776 you try to mimic.  Know your history!  And stop DELUDING yourselves.

This Insurrection (of 2021) was the Civil War 2.0. It was the ‘South’ trying to rise again.  And based on the same principles of slavery/racism.  Did you see the Confederate flag in the Capitol?  It was on full display.  Remember all those Confederate statues that have been raised recently?  That was a prelude to 2.0.  Remember all the young blacks, men and women, who have been shot – (many in the back) by rogue law enforcement?  That has been a constant theme forever in this country.  And it continues…Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and on and on.

How about Black Lives Matter?  Really rubs you the wrong way; you can’t quite swallow that one?

Well, you don’t get to hide behind patriotism.  You are no Patriots!  You are Insurrectionists, Seditionists.  You tried to STEAL a fair American election!  And you follow a TRAITOR.  ‘Stop the Steal?’ There was none, no steal, nada!  Now you are now trying to Steal the election AWAY from its rightful victor.  Joe Biden won the 2020 Presidential election by more than 7 million votes! That ain’t no steal.  Biden won 81 million votes, the most by any presidential candidate!

Wake Up!  Trump is, and always was, concerned with only his own interests.  He is USING YOU!  He is a narcissist extraordinaire!  He is a text book Psychopath.  You know text books, right?  They are the books you didn’t read in school.  For if you had read them, you would not be so confused about American history.

Following the Insurgent leaders is the biggest mistake you could make.  They spread the Trump lies.  And some of those Trump lies call you patriot.  You are on the wrong side of history!


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