Ivanka, We Have A Job For You…

OK, we do not know one another, but we are both American.  The thing is, Daddy’s been a bad boy…again.  He backed himself into a corner though.  There is no pretty exit from this.

There is talk of the 25th and a second impeachment.  But see love, he might play patty-cake with the nukes if he has too much time on his hands.  Know what I mean?  Oh, of course you do.  He scares you too?

Well, I may have a solution to this mess of his:

A  family intervention.  Doesn’t that sound like a better out?  You have political ambitions.  You’ve always been too smart for Daddy.  Well, here’s your chance to be an American Patriot.  Just wait for the dead of night and walk Daddy out of the House.  He’ll do anything for you.

And after all Ivanka, you and Wonder Boy have done pretty well for yourselves off the backs of the tax payers.  Don’t you think the Trump family OWES America?  Well here’s your chance to say ‘Thank you!’

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