Labor Day Created by Labor Unions to Honor LABOR

Essential Workers

Who are they? Essential Workers include health care workers. This photo displays nurses thanking “Uncle Tim” for the gift of money that allowed them to purchase PPE (protective equipment) so they can properly care for victims of the out-of-control Covid-19 pandemic. What about those without an ‘Uncle Tim?’

Think about this for a moment: Essential Workers must find and purchase their own PPE so they may continue to care for OUR sick and the dying. Notice the sign held by one of the nurses above: “You don’t want to see Covidland!” Is this America? Sure doesn’t look like it! Why is the Federal Government NOT providing proper protective equipment for the health care workers on the front lines…8 months into this out-of-control pandemic?

Ask Donald Trump!

Essential Workers include janitorial workers, in hospital or elsewhere. We could not effectively handle healthcare without them. Essential Workers include grocery store workers, Postal staff, delivery drivers, anyone doing our essential work that allows the rest of us to live a relatively normal life in the midst of this pandemic. This didn’t need to be. Is this AMERICA? Ask Donald Trump! He insists we will have a vaccine soon…by Election Day. Really? The scientists say no. Who are you going to believe?

America, 2020, cannot compare to our neighbor, Canada, who took a leadership role early in the pandemic, or Italy, or Germany. They all listened to the Science, not politics, like Trump. And they are stabilizing and recovering – while the US is pandering to a Conman Grifter. This Grifter wants us to ‘inject bleach’! And the Republican US Senate holds up this Conman, supports him and parrots his dangerous nonsense.

Really, Moscow Mitch?

Millions of jobs are permanently lost – due to a total lack of national leadership. We are on target to reach 400,000 Covid-19 dead by year’s end. Unconscionable!

And, America, don’t forget Russia! It is all connected. Trump’s ‘fearless leader’ Vladimir Putin, continues to pull the strings on his Puppets, Trump and the Republican Senate. Trump does not understand that Putin is only using him and will drop him like a hot potato when his usefulness has waned. Just like Trump’s favorite activity (throwing anyone under the bus to save his own butt), Putin excels at it. Mitch knows better! Trump does not.

Trump calls the late Sen. John McCain a looser because he was a POW. So, “Cadet Bone Spurs,” what have you done for us lately? What have you ever done for your country?

Trump calls our military “Suckers and Losers.” The very people who are the keepers of our democracy, who protect and preserve our republic with their LIVES. And their “Commander in Chief,” not only does not support them, but denigrates them .

The FBI calls Trump a National Security Risk. He has regular and frequent phone calls with Putin. Neither phone calls nor the meetings with Putin – are recorded in any way, as is the norm with US Presidents. Americans have no way of knowing the actual conversation. BTW: This is Un-American. You are on the tax-payers’ dime! What are you hiding Trump? Ask Donald Trump and Moscow Mitch!

Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us!

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