Misinformation Catches Up With Its “Tough Guy”

We begin by wishing the best to Trump & Melania. They have tested positive for the coronavirus.
Now the Real Deal: Trump has been the Covid-19 cheerleader/minimizer since the beginning. He knew
all about the virus in February yet continued to lie to the American people. He mocked Joe Biden after the
debate for wearing a mask. Trump has never honored science. His supporters follow in lock step. And the
virus is ravaging our country – unchecked, thanks to Donald Trump.
Then: Instant Karma!
Karma is the universal law stating, in essence, “what goes around, comes around.” Think of a boomerang:
You throw it out, it swings around and comes back to you. And it speaks a powerful truth – You cannot
hurt another without hurting yourself. We are all that connected.
Well, America has been hurting and hurting and dying and dying from the coronavirus in unprecedented
numbers. The leader of the free world has been the master manipulator of false information on the virus,
mocking masks and social distancing. He continued holding rallies in close quarters, no masks.

Then the first Presidential Debate where he and his family went against medical advice from the world
respected Cleveland Clinic and refused to wear masks. One day later Trump, his wife, close aide, several
Republican Senators, Chair of the Republican Party all test positive for the virus. Did they really think this
would not happen? How could it not with that behavior?
Science! It is not healthy to gloat. But it is important for a leader to be honest – not to mislead the country,
especially in matters of life and death. He is accountable. Trump loves to be praised, ego massaged. But
he cannot take criticism and he will not accept responsibility for anything. Perhaps the voters have
something to say about this.
May all who are battling the virus, and loved ones left behind, be safe and well…ALL.

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