Misinformation = LIES = Death

Let’s be frank, folks.  Let’s be HONEST!  Or, should we say, “Who do you trust to be honest with you?”

FACT: Trump won the presidency with highly questionable results. But, we accepted this as a nation.  He lost the second time.  Yes, Trump is a looser, that creature he so detests.  It may be the real reason he keeps pushing the Big Lie.  Looser Trump.  Looser!

FACT:  Trump uses age-old propaganda tactics.  Always Lie to serve your interests.  Then, repeat the Lie, again and again, and again. Because the more you repeat your Lie, the more followers, the more POWER you grab, especially if your Lies are based on …


Then, tie up all these Lies into a bright package with the Bible in the center.  BINGO! You have WEAPONIZED a system of ‘misinformation.’  More accurately, you have hoodwinked your followers and continue to build your base on the terms of “alternate facts,” which are LIES, pure and simple!

Trump has based his life and reputation on Lie after Lie after Lie. This is how he lives his life.  He has taken many unsuspecting people down the rabbit hole with him.  At this point in time, Lies are all he’s got.  No.  Not quite true:  he’s got fellow liars like Governors DeSantis of Florida and Abbot of Texas right down there with his Lies.  BTW: They are all vaccinated, multiple times, and Abbot has even had the antibody treatment!  YET THEY CONTINUE LYING, DISCOURAGING MASKS & VACCINES…on your dime.

”The greatest derangement of the mind is to believe in something because one wishes it to be so.”  Louis Pasteur

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