Nothing can stop an Idea whose time has come

A tidal wave is building, the wave of change sweeping throughout the world! It takes no prisoners. It only builds and builds in power until it crashes forward bringing everything with it. Do you want to be with the tidal wave, or in its path?

This great a change is a Paradigm Shift. It is comparable to the historic shifts in thought and policy after the Depression. But this one is far more powerful. The changes are sweeping. And the pivotal point, the ‘straw that broke the camels back,’ was the police murder of George Floyd…his murder caught on tape. If George ever had the notion of saving the world, well, he just may have done that! And we owe him a debt
of gratitude.

We have a history from more than 400 years ago, even before we were a country. We were still just colonies controlled by the Mother Country, England. In fact, it was England who developed and controlled the slave trade. It was called the ‘Golden Triangle’: England to Africa to the Colonies (us). It was the original sin of our country: SLAVERY. It may have been abolished by President Abraham Lincoln, January 31st 1865, the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, but it also sparked a civil war. The mentality of ‘Confederacy thinking’ is that of ‘superior’ white entitlement. They only considered the African American 3/5 a human being! That thinking persists even to this day! Perhaps they need to read a
REAL history book. The Confederacy LOST the war.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come…and nothing is more powerful.

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