American Patriots, VOTE HIM OUT!

Proud Boys, Trump Boys = Treason 成成成

America VOTES! That is our Constitutional Voice.

How dare these militia groups intimidate voters!

1. They are not militias, they are Trumpers, with ASSAULT WEAPONS, bent on intimidation and disruption of our Constitutional Rights.

2. They are RACISTS – no matter how strongly they protest it, they are there, at the polls, to intimidate Black voters.

3. They are the modern day CONFEDERATES. They lost that civil war and want to claim power anyway. Hey, YOU LOST! And the Confederates were/are TRAITORS! They attacked the United States of America! That is TREASON!

4. Trump is sounding the dog whistles – The call to action.

Just remember: the Trumpers are on their way out. If they incite violence, just step back. Let them fight themselves. Let law enforcement ENFORCE THE LAW.

We are Americans exercising our Constitutional Rights. Long Live The United States of America! 綾

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