Racism, American Style: You just got ‘WOKE!

America, America, What’s it gonna take?

To the Law Enforcement “Professionals”:  You’re going to shoot and kill that beautiful baby (above, wrapped in the American flag) if you continue down that murderous path YOU ARE NOW ON!

”Don’t forget what your good book says…How long?  How long?  How, how, how?” (Southern Man, by Neil Young)

Perhaps you cannot help yourselves.  You cite your training, then act in spite of your training.  Perhaps you cannot distinguish a firearm from a taser?  Perhaps you think a traffic stop should not frighten a Black person?  Perhaps you think the increased threat of domestic terrorism does no harm because many in your numbers are active participants?

WAKE UP!  What the f*** are you thinking?  Hunting season on black men? Wholesale murder on Blacks?  Traffic stops?  Really?

We recommend a Wholesale revamp of American law enforcement.  After all, you are funded by the American taxpayers.  And we demand change!  Police tout, “to serve and protect.”  We say, walk your talk or get the hell out of policing.  Currently, the police behavior is unAmerican, part and parcel of domestic terrorism.  Just who are you serving?  Who are you protecting?

”How long?  How long…”

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