“Reckless Disregard For Human Life” VOTE 2020

What does America mean to you? Is it family separation, children in cages at our border? Most are
refugees fleeing violence and immanent death if they return to their country of origin. And yet they are
often sent back with a one-way ticket. Often separated, the children remain in cages. Is this America?
Then there is Russia/Putin: Our enemy for good reason. Russia has never veered from its path to create
chaos and division in NATO countries, the U.S. being central. We were holding the line of Democracy,
until 2016. Then, Putin installed his Idiot. Trump never won. He lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes.
The electoral vote was corrupted – surgically altered by Russian hacking to make it look authentic. It
never was. Think Putin is our ‘friend’? U.S. Intelligence tells a different story. Who you going to trust?
Then there is the killer virus pandemic: Where to start? We are headed towards a third peak in 9 months.
Science is screaming for simple health measures: face mask, social distancing and hand washing. What is
so hard about that? Yet Trump has made these simple remedies a macho joke. Looks like he is still “crazy
on steroids.” He said he had the virus. After state of the art health care, and massive doses of steroids,
he’s back at his rallies with maskless, packed-in crowds. What could go wrong? How about out of control
new cases in those states? Reckless Disregard For Human Life!
We could go on and on, like he and his grifter family making a fortune off the taxpayers (us). Or his
inciting violence from his thug followers. The FBI thwarted these yahoos-with-assault weapons plotting to
kidnap, torture and kill the governor of Michigan because she had a mask order in place. Then Trump
blames the governor! Similar plans against other Democrat governors were uncovered. Over MASKS,
folks, over MASKS. Reckless Disregard For Human Life!
America, America, get your country out of the hands of a Psychopath! Take your country back!

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