Super-Spreader Roy Cohn’s Legacy Lives On

Roy Cohn was an attorney in the U.S. He came to fame as Joseph McCarthy’s attorney on the U.S. House
Hearings on Un-American Activities in the 1950’s. Together they ruined many, many lives. They accused
innocent people of being Communists, loyal to Russia. And some Americans were executed (Julius and
Ethel Rosenberg).
Roy Cohn was known for his total disregard for ethics and norms. He would do anything to win. Sound
Well, it turns out that Roy was a closeted gay in deep denial. And he contracted AIDS early on. When he
found that he had AIDS, legend has it, he infected as many people as possible. It became his mission.
Before all that yucky stuff, Cohn became the lawyer for Daddy Trump and acolyte, Donald. You could
say he made Trump who he is today, ruthless, dismissive of laws, and, it seems, dismissive of the safety of
Is Donald Trump pulling a “Roy Cohn”?
Donald, along with his highly infectious coronavirus, ordered the Secret Service to drive him around the
hospital so he could wave to his fans. He had two Agents in the car. They were put in danger for his
He is back in the White House after a 3-day hospital stay. And he has exposed everyone in the White
House to the virus. There are conflicting accounts of his condition. He looks to have labored breathing.
He says he feels great – no doubt the lift from steroids. He wants to start campaigning soon.
Is Donald Trump pulling a Roy Cohn?

This is no small issue. Roy Cohn was known as a Super-spreader of AIDS. It was a death sentence.
There was no effective treatment at the time. Roy Cohn was a small, vicious, deadly man. And Donald
Trump learned a lot from him. Trump cried for a Roy Cohn for Attorney General (read that Trump’s own
attorney). And he got his wish with Bill Barr (stay tuned on this one).
So, as we see this clown has made the White House a hot spot. Many staff are testing positive. And he
ain’t done yet.
DONALD TRUMP IS THE SUPER-SPREADER! How many people will he infect?
Donald Trump IS pulling a Roy Cohn!

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