Thank You, Veterans! Your Vote Counts!

Tired!  So damn tired of the Trump/Republican LIES!  Now, in the Trump Vanity “re-count” of a decisive presidential election, they are accusing Vets and their families of criminal fraud.  All because they were transferred, but voted at their old address (usually Nevada).  This is a practice so common with soldiers and their families who are frequently re-assigned and move to a new base/location.  They DID NOT VOTE TWICE!

And Veterans are not LOSERS and SUCKERS!

Time to recognize when the “commander in chief” does not have your back.  Trump, with less than 2 month left in his presidency, is showing that less-than-charming side of Himself. Rather, this is the real deal. This is the Man Who Would Be King, holding on by his fingernails.

Donald Trump does not have your back!  If you do not see it now, you will.  You Will.

Remember, your oath is to the Constitution and your country.  Our Country DOES have your back.  The American people are with you…ALWAYS!

Thank you to all who selflessly serve the USA!

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