The Epic Battle for the Soul of America & The “Navels”

SOUL: Soul or psyche comprises the mental abilities of a living being: reason, character, feeling, consciousness, memory,
perception, thinking, etc. (Wikipedia)

SOUL TIME friends – Who has Soul, and who does not? I was raised in the Catholic Church. We were
taught that everyone has a soul. Now, after living through a few generations, I’m not so sure. Especially
Do you feel something when you see another in pain? How about children in pain? I feel what others feel,
especially those strong emotions like fear and hate, and love. It’s called empathy. When I look at Trump
(from the beginning) all I see is a black hole where a heart should be. There is no feeling for others,
only for himself. And, most importantly, he sucks the energy out of others. Did you ever wonder at your
own exhaustion? There is no compassion for those children separated from their parents and put in cages at
our southern border. Many of those children are now lost because Trump & Co. did not have the foresight
or compassion to keep track of their parents. They are expendable, sub human (as he sees all people of
color.) There is no empathy for the victims of the pandemic or the families…even though he (supposedly)
had the virus himself.
Cold blooded, like a lizard.
Hindu spiritual teachings speak of our chakras, energy centers in our body:
 the root chakra (red) #1, at the base of the spine. It is survival, safety, sexuality, etc.

** The 2nd chakra is right below the navel. It is orange and is emotion, not reason, raw energy, feelings,
** Next, 3rd chakra, at the stomach is yellow and expresses as power, clear thinking, confidence, learning.
** The 4th (green) chakra is at the heart area, and is Love, empathy, growth, heals loss.
** The 5th (blue) is the throat area and expresses creativity, healing communications.
** The 6th chakra (purple) is in the eyes/third eye area and expresses as psychic vision, higher
** And the 7th (violet) is the Crown chakra and expresses as Spirit, love, higher self.
Trump and his republican enablers operate back and forth in the ‘gutter’ with red chakra, no higher than
the naval (orange) levels of energy. It is the primitive, non-thinking, fear-based appeal they make to
their red-orange base. They are the Navels!
The NAVELS have lots of energy…just look at all the damage they have visited upon our nation! But
they have no compassion, no empathy…that is above their ‘pay grade.’ They will not feel your pain
because if they do, if they start to operate on green (heart) energy, they can no longer turn a blind eye to
your pain. They can no longer operate on greed (orange) level. They evolve, grow as people. They, like
each of us, have choice.
In order for our country to heal, we have to operate on the HEART level – the green, healing energy.
Empathy, compassion and love are our key to HEALING THE SOUL of AMERICA. And we also need a
president of brilliance, creativity and vision: The Blue and Purple chakras. This is a higher evolved
There is HOPE. For there is one who operates at the Soul levels of Heart, Brilliance and Vision: Joe

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