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The Great Conversation – It’s Time, America!

“Great conversations are rooted in courage and trust. We need them to keep our nation civil and stable, and during the past few weeks I’ve seen just how difficult it is to make them happen. Over and over, I’ve been stonewalled and reminded that a lot of people would rather say cruel things online than talk in person.“ (Bill Donahue is a writer in New Hampshire, The Washington Post Magazine, 2/27/21). 

It’s time, my fellow Americans, to suck it up – both sides and anyone in between.  We are Americans first.  Let’s just stop there.

Leave it at the door.  Anger, arrogance, and any group you hate…Leave it at the door.  It has no place here.

This space is ours now, you and me.  Let’s get to know one another. Be curious.  I know I am.


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