The Insurrection on Democracy; Trump’s Farewell

The real American Patriots are horrified by the dangerous situation Trump has incited.  The Trump Mob. Trump Enablers are just as responsible for the Armed Coup happening now on the House and Senate.

The Trump Traitors, among others:

VP Pence – “the timid”

Mitch McConnell – a Trump Sycophant for 4 years and a ‘Johnny come lately’ tisk, tisk

Ted Cruz – whose ambition knows no bounds

House Minority Leader, McCarthy – who operates on fear and a loose lip

Rep. Jim Jordan – whose ambition exceeds his grey matter

Sen. Hawley – great ambition, little smarts

Ivanka Trump & Jarrod – just greedy and disgusting!

Other and assorted Trump offspring – PLEASE!

YOU ARE CULPABLE for the insanity knocking down the walls of Democracy!

YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the ARMED INSURGENTS breaching and befouling the chambers of Congress.

You, and your minions, will go down in history as the Traitors who enabled a Psychopathic president for 4 years. Then hid under your desks while Trump’s Domestic Terrorists shamed and shredded the Constitution of the United States of America!

Cries on the Republican side of the Congress could be heard, “Thank God for Joe Biden!”

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