The Most Patriotic Americans I Have Ever Known

African-Americans, Black Americans, have an extremely painful history in America. They were kidnapped from their homes; often betrayed by their own. They were bought and sold into slavery a half a world away. THIS is how the ancestors came to America: not as immigrants seeking a better life. Their new life was as property in a cruel foreign land. And for more than 400 years that legacy persists.

Slavery is America’s Original Sin. Slaves built this country. Literally. Slavery was highly lucrative, just as racism is highly lucrative today.

Remember, America, you have blood on your hands. We had a war over slavery: The Civil War. Slaves fought in this war. And THE NORTH (the Blue) WON! Did you hear that present-day white supremacists and Klan wannabes?

You LOST! All the hate and selfishness you embrace was defeated. Slavery lost. Got that? YOU LOST!

African-Americans won. The United States of America won! And President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in the Emancipation Proclamation.

African-Americans have fought long and hard for equality. Equality means equal treatment under the Law. Preferential treatment is the lie that white supremacy uses to block Black votes. Gerrymandering (redrawing voting districts to favor Republicans) is further discrimination against the Black vote, the Latino vote, and any group that ‘threatens’ the white vote.

White America is now the minority. It’s a thing of the Past. The white Republican Party is crumbling under its own embrace of hate and division. They protect and bow to the Idiot King. They continue to enable him as he tears apart our Democracy and sows further hate and division.

African-Americans, Black Americans hold our Democracy as sacred. They have never lost faith in America. But they also rise to protect all of us from police savagery. Black Lives Matter grew from the rampant and indiscriminate abuse and murder of Black Lives – women (like Breonna Taylor) as well as black men such as George Floyd. It seems that many police act like white supremacists. Are they? It matters. Black Lives Matter!

Black Americans have never given up on America. And they VOTE! They vote like their lives depend on it…

Because they do.

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