The Necessary Conversation: The Psychopath and You

Have you realized it yet? Have you finally seen enough treachery? Have you heard enough lies – 22,000+
so far? How about the Bible stunt? Troops in the streets targeting peaceful protesters just exercising their
Constitutional Rights. Then there’s that vicious temper that can turn on a dime. Oh, and the pandemic.
Yes, that pesky little plague that’s messing with coronation, oops, that is re-election. How about those
disgusting people at the border? Wrong again. He doesn’t give the children in cages at the border a
moment’s thought. He remarked, on tape, that the good thing about the Pandemic is that he doesn’t have
to shake the hands of those “disgusting people.” (FACT) Yes, Trumpers, that is your beloved leader
speaking. That is how he sees you. Disgusting! His words, not ours.
And then there’s Vlad. What do you suppose those two talk about in all those phone calls we only hear
about from Russian media? Or the summits, like Helsinki? You know, we never hear what really
happened, or he chooses Vladimir Putin’s word over US Intelligence. (FACT)
*Not a word about Russian bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. (FACT)
*Not a word about Russian interference in the election. (FACT)

Then there is his inaction, the disregard for American lives. He admitted on tape knowing how the virus
was passed and it’s deadliness in March.(FACT) Then he turned around and lied to the American people
saying it would be gone by April. He responded to questions about the virus by saying he was OK
because there was a good distance between the audience and himself. Because, of course it is always and
only about him. That is called narcissism.
The psychologists call him, Donald Trump, the president of the United States, a Psychopath.
27 psychiatrists wrote a book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” His pathological lying, lack of
empathy, refusal to assume responsibility while heaping praise on his delusional self, all fit Trump like a
glove. And…a few more FACTS:
– Major Daddy issues (Daddy also considered pathological)
– “Allergic” to the Truth
– He sees his supporters as “Disgusting,”
– RACIST…to the bone
– MISOGYNISTIC…to the core of his being
– Hedonistic
– He’s BAD and he’s MAD
– Mental Incapacity, possible Dementia
– He creates and thrives on CHAOS (a KGB tactic)
***He promises/threatens to take away the healthcare of Americans during a Pandemic,
repeat during a Pandemic! (FACT)

– And on and on it goes one FACT after another and another proving one essential truth:

The REAL question then becomes: What of the mental health of the nation?
We are fighting a lethal Pandemic – On Our Own – We are Broke and WE ARE


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