The Only Choice There Ever Was

There is a rising storm. We have felt the rumble, right beneath the surface. That is where fear hides,
beneath the surface. It is where hate grows, under cover of darkness.

Darkness – that place where Republicans took us, gradually, over the years. Voter suppression has
always been a Republican cause, as destroying Obamacare, Social Security, Medicare, Racism and
assorted other programs for the people. When Donald Trump entered the picture, it was to a fully
cooperative (enabling) crowd.

The Light – that place where goodness dwells. This is the energy of love, acceptance, forgiveness. This
is divine space. Some of us spend a good amount of our time here. Most of us aspire to be here on a
more regular basis. This is the home of our Souls. Handle with Care.

All of us have choice. You know where the darkness lies. And you know how we can heal the Soul of
Now, this time, choose the Light. Choose love. Choose forgiveness. Choose acceptance. Choose
healing. Choose the Children, your Children and the future of our human race.
You know the only choice has always been Joe Biden.

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