“The Times, They Are A-Changin’”

What does it mean when we see repetitive numbers?  Some call them ‘angel numbers.”  But, it is not that this is unusual.  It happens all the time.  It is our AWARENESS that is changing.  We notice more synchronous events, like the repetitive numbers.

Changing awareness brings a wake-up call.  Awareness shines light on the reality of life.  For instance, the Capital attack on 1/6 broadened our awareness to the reality of the Trump mob.  We all watched in real time the armed assault on The People’s House.  Do Trumpers really think they can con the public into blaming the Left for their own lawlessness, violence and death?

WE SAW!  And we trust our own eyes and ears.  Did Trump incite the mob?  It is all on tape!  Who are you going to believe, your own eyes…or the ConMan?

AWARENESS!  We can no longer allow our country to be exploited by evil…yes friends, they follow the orders of EVIL personified, who goes by the name of Trump.  Call it, call him, what they really are EVIL.  And they hide behind Jesus!  What?  Just what is Christian about their actions?  Would you call Trump “Christ-like”?  AWARENESS!

Once we allow our minds and hearts to open, to elevate our thoughts, to become more aware, we cannot be deceived by the madness of Trump or his minions.  Awareness exposes lies.  Become more aware.  When you perceive synchronicities, take note of what is happening at the time.  This brings greater awareness.

Lies cannot take hold when the population is more and more aware.  Our minds are our greatest tool, our greatest weapon or our most dangerous enemy.

Remember:  “Believing something because we wish it, is the greatest derangement of the mind.”

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