The Trumpandemic and the Wisdom of King Solomon

Johnny Mercer wrote a great song many years ago, about a lover who was so incredible beyond description to be just “Too Marvelous for Words.” This song kept coming back to me in a sad way recently while thinking of ways to describe the Trump and Coronavirus duality through which America is convulsing its way. Bob Woodward’s new book “Rage” pulls back the curtain and exposes his cold-hearted recklessness
– on tape – in aiding and abetting the continuing spread of the pathogen and the havoc it is wrecking on Americans. The entire affair is really too horrible for words. There really are no descriptors worthy enough to associate with the man and the monster that is Trump, the insidiousness he represents, and death and destruction he’s actively promoted.

There are some pretty good words, though, which come close to adequately describing the beast such as “despicable” “disgusting,” “repulsive,” “repugnant,” and that old standby “vile.” Still, good as they are, these words don’t fully capture his horrific self and what he’s done. A disaster on a scale of this historic magnitude deserves its own name which can live on in infamy, as they say. We should anoint this American tragedy The Trumpandemic.

Bob Woodward’s recordings now make crystal clear that the nightmare of the Coronavirus in America was made possible almost entirely by the monster imposter in the White House.

Speaking of imposters, I’m reminded of a story illustrating the wisdom of King Solomon and which is strikingly applicable to our times. Two women claimed to be the mother of an infant. One of the two was the real mother, and King Solomon needed to question them and decide which of them was. Both women made compelling arguments, in the King’s view, and neither would admit to being the fraud. To resolve the matter, the King tells the women he’s decided to divide the baby in two, and give each woman half. Only one of the women speaks up, horrified and begging the King not to cut the baby in two. She tearfully relinquishes her claim and asks that the other woman be permitted to keep the infant so that it might live, even though it meant giving up her child. Only a real mother would make such a sacrifice, the King determines, and she is decreed to be the real mother.

What can we learn from King Solomon’s wisdom here in the Trump context? Well, if nothing else, we’d expect a president to protect Americans from harm, as a parent protects its young. We’d also expect a president as head of the American family, to unite us. But Trump does just the opposite: he exposes Americans to grave harm and divides us continually. He takes advantage of the mass despair, illness, death
and economic havoc by ramping up efforts to divide us as a people, pulling anything and everything from his endless cesspool of corruption and lawlessness. He openly disrespects and insults the military, both living and dead. A true protector of America, someone who is a true patriot, would not do these things. Only an imposter and a traitor would have the arrogant and obscene gall to act like this. Only a traitor
who’s beholden to, compromised and controlled by America’s primary foe.

But he couldn’t have accomplished these despicable feats all on his own. He has been and continues to be enabled by what appear vaguely to be humans, but who exhibit a cross between reptilian and hyena-like behavior. I am, of course, referring to Senate Republicans and Moscow Mitch, a species all its own. They lick the boots and take direction from the grotesque creature that would be king, and the enemy of freedom and democracy.

They’ve given “abuse of power” and “lawlessness” new meaning entirely. America’s last line of defense is the VOTE, and that’s the most important word of all! Because of the built-in biases which work to the advantage of the Republicans, Democrats, independents and REAL Republicans must rise up like a Blue Tsunami, bringing in waves of newly elected federal, state and local Democrats from coast to coast. Bringing the healing our country so desperately needs. End the nightmare and save America as we know it!! Vote like your life depended on it…because it does, America, it does

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