“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”  Albert Einstein

Have you noticed a pattern in our discourse?  The more sensational the event, the more news coverage.  And, depending on the news, events are made sensational by the news media itself.

We need to talk/converse on a different level, a higher plane.  When we lift our thoughts the conversation becomes solution oriented. And it is quite simple: Tell Truth.  Work with Truth.  Accept only Truth.

Here is an example of 2 opposite political operations, their aimed-for results (intension), and the actual, read that IN REALITY, results:

Subject:  Covid-19         

  • The Toxic “Sower of Lies”:  Their intention is fear and division.  And they spew UGLY LIES!  THEY ARE THE UGLY AMERICANS! They have made a piece of paper (mask) into an assault on their rights.  They also (falsely claim) there are microchips in the vaccines. The result:  More than 150,000+ deaths of  the unvaccinated   And it just keeps getting worse among red states, while the overall rate of death from COVID-19 is plunging down.
  • The Truth-sayer:  is the scientist and the leaders who are guided by science.  Science is based on facts, truth.  The intention is saving lives.  How can anyone argue that?  The results: the number of vaccinated Americans continues to grow, hospitalizations are down, death rates are down, and the country’s opening up again.  By any standard the results are successful.

How do we counter the Lies with Truth?  How do we deal with such divisiveness?  We must HOLD THE LIARS ACCOUNTABLE!  Educate the people.  Following LIES, acting on LIES, AND PUSHING THEIR CIVIL WAR 2.0 back into their faces!  Use the LAW, which they continue to abuse.  Use the VOTE, which they keep trying to STEAL!  But, most importantly:  The American people deserve the truth.  GO ON THE OFFENSE WITH THE TRUTH – ALL OF IT!  Then let the people SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY!


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