“These are the Times that Try (wo)Men’s Souls”

These are the words of Thomas Paine.  In his time (c. 1776), Paine was the Champion of the people.  He lived in a time of Revolution.  And he understood what such chaos does to a person’s Soul.

We are living under such chaos: crazy lies pitting American against American; a deadly pandemic that many refuse to acknowledge and follow medical advice; little regard for the truth – and the consequences that brings; political confusion and it’s deliberate effect on our choices; and (drumroll) Climate change.

These are all active agents in our world now.  So, what effect does that have on our mental health?  Humongous effect!  For example, you got your COVID vaccine because you are concerned for your health. Your neighbor, however, thinks Covid-19 is a hoax, refuses not only vaccination, but also masks and social distancing. Scary and anxiety producing!  Then (and there is always more), you instruct your children about masks in school.  Your neighbor, however, says masks infringe on their 1st Amendment rights.

Enough anxiety?  Oh, there’s more.  Many of our fellow Americans are homeless due to wildfires, flooding, hurricane and more.  Can you imagine their states of mind at this time?

TRUTH:  We are blessed to live in America, even now in the chaos and uncertainty.  We have resources available to us that are denied to many.  America is not perfect – never was.  America has always been a work in progress.

So, how do we care for our physical and mental health in this turbulent environment?  First, slow down and breathe.  Do not allow yourself to be manipulated by hate and ignorance.  Science is the answer.  Take the vaccine.  We all had polio and other vaccines as children.  Whenever we are in pain, broken bones, heart attack, etc.  Where do we go for relief?  The Doctor!  Why should this Covid vaccine be different?

Think! Use your mind.  Did you know that using your mind productively is good mental health?  Well, now you do!

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