They Will Remember This

We are well into the greatest crisis the world has seen since World War II. A pandemic of epic proportions. How are we doing?

It is all being meticulously archived in many mediums. The doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, the poor,homeless, community and businesses all await life giving decisions; life giving or taking away decisions.

They are chronicling their experiences made even more dangerous by the delaying or denying or outright lying by his Maj. They will remember this.

The media has it all on ‘tape.’ They will remember this.

We The PEOPLE, who are in constant danger of contracting the Coronavirus, are unemployed or over-employed (medical community), confined, in constant fear and anxiety. They will remember this.

The #1 in-your-face politician affecting not just our country, but the world, is none other than the Idiot King. Yes folks, our lives are in the hands of a narcissistic (it is always about him) compulsively lying (inching close to 20,000 proven lies in less than 4 years) sociopath (look it up!)

A narcissistic, compulsively lying sociopath. Gotta love him!

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