Vampires in Real Time: They are Among Us.

The legend of Nosferatu, the vampire, is age old. It is the telling of rabid manipulation, of a demanding,
greedy, opportunistic force that is all take and no give. The legend tells the tale of a warrior king, Vlad the
Impaler, who impaled enemies on poles, left to die a slow, tortured death. In the story, Vlad is a man. In
the end, he is a monster.
We often have such creatures in our lives. They are humans, of a sort, Psychic Vampires. And they will
monopolize as much of your time as possible. They must be the center of attention at all times. They lie,
because they want others to worship them. They lie because they do not really know anything. But want
others to follow their manufactured truth. They are cult leaders. They are cons and grifters. Often they
are preachers. And sometimes they steal the reigns of power and grab a whole country.
Oh, yes, it is the obvious. We speak of the Psychic Vampire extraordinaire: Trump. He sucks the oxygen
out of any room. In four destructive years, he has sucked the oxygen out of America…and it still is not
enough! Not enough power, not enough money, not enough treachery, not enough juvenile name calling
or vengeance. He wants to reign as the Autocrat, just like the other Vlad, Putin.
I just might have to hang garlic over the door.

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