Quite simply, Waking Up is the acceptance of TRUTH & rejection of Lies.

Our minds have great potential. Yet, we have only scratched the surface of our potential. It is our responsibility to learn, to grow, to contribute to the betterment of our race. Our RACE: HUMANKIND. That means all of us…every single one of us. No matter gender, race, religion, sex or any difference one might consider.


So, how do we wake up? It is like taking a shower to wash the ”dirt” off our consciousness. The ”dirt” on our consciousness consists of the Lies of Fear. Fear has many expressions: hate is the darkest form of fear. It is the opposite of LOVE.

Think of it as a spectrum of Light (LOVE) <—->dark (FEAR). The spectrum is within each and every one of us. And the pendulm swings, LOVE or FEAR; KINDNESS or HATE.

Why is there resistance to waking up, resistance to TRUTH? For that is the real choice in our time. This resistance is fostered and exploited by hatred, fear of losing power or relevance. These are real fears people have. And we are not trivializing those fears. They are real and they are deadly. Some in leadership positions exploit the fears of citizens. They have found it expedient to ”conjure the Boogyman.” They appeal to our basest instincts. This hit me square in the face when I first heard Trump. Has truth ever passed those lips???

WAKE UP, AMERICA! There is no boogyman! There are people of every race, color or creed who accept truth. And those who would rather play ”ME FIRST.” Who desperately want to be superior, even though they are not. SO THEY CHEAT! It is the only they can ”win.”

Remember, when choosing your representatives: there are the LIARS, THE REDS.

And there are the truthsayers: The Blue. You know what to do…

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