“We Love America. Why Can’t America Love Us Back?”

(* Lebron James.)
This truth of African-American Patriots, is heard on the streets…but only in small ‘asides’
in the press.

This is it, America. This is the REAL STORY about what is happening on the streets of our country during this long, hot summer of the out of control pandemic. It means, simply, Black Lives Matter. And while we’re on the subject, why does the press continue reporting that the violence in the streets is by “both sides?” That is a LIE, not a confusion or distortion, mis-statement or misunderstanding. LIE!

Under the Republicans LIES have become fodder to rev up the base. So what does that say about their base? And they’re in charge?! Don’t forget Moscow Mitch holding up help to the people of this country.


The ‘law and order’ president – his words, not ours – has a good gimmick going: The protests in the streets have been peaceful and Constitutional. Republicans and their dear leader say that this is disgraceful, un-patriotic, and these protesters hate America. So their militants, assault weapons in tow, are sent in, or go of their own follow-the-leader mentality.

Well, Trump, since you and your minions brought it up, let’s look at your ‘patriotic’ behavior.

  1. Most importantly, you are a Putin asset. That means you listen to Putin rather U.S. Intelligence. The leader? The lackey? The Traitor?

2. Following the ‘real leader’ you are purposely creating chaos in the country. We are loosing to Covid-19, the numbers keep climbing. An economy in crumbles from this plague in our country and the President and Republicans speak of it in the past tense; Chaos and disruption, primary KGB/Russian tools, sowing seeds of discontent. It divides, easier to control. Easier to conquer?

3. You lie. You always lie. You are distrustful and demand loyalty to YOU, not the Constitution. Come on!

4. You are a bigot!

5. You’re not too bright. You just surround yourself with ‘servants’ who can carry out your Russian orders and pander to your personal greed. But the people of this country are smart and this campaign of evil cannot last.


7. The Loyalty of the AMERICAN PEOPLE is with their Country and their Constitution!

8. You, Putin, and your enablers are evil. Yes, we said it. After all, it is what it is. So voters of America, what’s it gonna be: Putin, or America. That is the REAL choice on the ballot this year, up and down the ticket:


Vote like your life depends on it…it does! It does!

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