Would You Recognize Evil if You Came Face to Face?

Evil can be extremely charming and dis-arming. We see it in movies, television and the News. Evil ‘seems’ just like us, at first. And that is just what Evil wants…relax, feel good, let it in, let it take over. It encourages hate by making us feel superior, in any and all ways, over those of another race, superior to immigrants, refugees, any and all who are “different” from us.

The Idiot King has played with Evil since he was young. He was lazy, even as a child. So Evil courted him and showed him how to exploit people to do his dirty work for him. His Daddy taught him how to lie (even better) and cheat and come out ‘smelling like a rose.’ And Evil said, “Now this one is a natural!”

So when the USA had the audacity to elect Barack Obama, Evil went ‘bananas’! How could decency and compassion win? How could the USA elect an African-American to the highest office in the land? And that is all Evil could see. It was livid! How livid?

Evil then searched for the perfect acolyte to REVERSE the progress Americans made under the Obama presidency. It did not have far to look. Evil’s Apprentice, Vladimir Putin, had been grooming Donald Trump for the job. God knows, Trump was already compromised to Putin. Despite the lies, denials and projections to his opponents, Trump continues to DESTROY our country’s structures. With Putin’s ever-lovin’ insistence, the USA is now, in 2020 perilously close to being a Russian satellite. Believe it!

And he is not alone in his sabotage of our elections. Moscow Mitch has held up Trump like a bookend. And the Moscovites in the Republican party move in lock-step behind the leadership of Moscow Mitch to support the Dark Forces, to attack the Light. Though their lies claim otherwise.

When someone shows you who they are, believe it…the first time.” Maya Angelou Enter former VP, Joe Biden. We need to recognize the great character, compassion and competence of this humble public servant. America now feels HOPE! There could be no greater difference between Darkness and Light. Darkness has been consuming America with greater strength under ‘comrades’, Putin and Trump. If Trump is not a Russian Asset, his actions are! He is a compulsive liar, a white supremacist, a narcissist, a sociopath and he is deteriorating. And the deterioration will continue. It is always about him and not the country. He will not even speak out when Putin poisons his opposition, now on life support.
How un-American is that?!

The battle is between good and evil, The Light vs. The Dark Side In his acceptance speech for the Democrat nomination for President, Joe Biden laid out the differences between Putin (oops, we mean Trump) and America! We need the one person who can take on our
enemies and be the Leader our country needs. The one who can restore the Soul of America! The Healer!

Joe Biden will save our country. It is that plain and simple.
Vote like your Life and Soul depend on it … because they do!

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