Eyes Wide Open

When was the last time you questioned your own opinion on…education, or childcare, or race, or gender, or perhaps politics…or your future and the future of your country? These are serious questions; questions that open consciousness, conscious thought. Without self-examination there can be no growth. The act of ”doubling down” on old, worn out ideology does more to set you up for failure. And it will inevitably hold you back. It is the ultimate self-sabotage.

So, what is the road to growth? How do we move forward? The first step is realizing what is holding you back. Is it holding onto old ideas, ideas that are based on LIES? Is it fear of the unknown? Is it prejudice toward people of color, religion, sex, or other differences from yourself? Or, is it laziness, not wanting to be bothered even if you know that your thinking and behavior are hurtful to others?

SHAKE OUT THE STUPID! Stupid is knowing better and choosing to hang onto the STUPID anyway. And, yes, many people choose this path because it’s easy, your friends/family think this way and you want fit in, or maybe you just don’t care = Self-sabotage.

Lifting your consciousness is like waking up. And you do it one step at a time, one decision at a time. There is an expression these days with a negative connotation: WOKE. It is a slam at awakening consciousness. It seems that there are those, in government and the wannabees, who stand to loose a lot if you pursue growth and think for yourself. As you open your mind you begin to see the lies for what they are: INSTRUMENTS OF DECEPTION TO CONTROL OTHERS. To control you!

LIE: “America is a Christian country.” Wrong! Just the smallest amount of research reveals that the founders were escaping religious dogmatism in England.
TRUTH: Most of the founders were atheists! They wrote about freedom, (see Thomas Paine) freedom of religion – not Christianity alone, but all religions. The United States of America has been a haven for all religions. Those suffering from religious persecution have always found safety in the U.S.

You have a choice. You always have a choice: Hold onto the LIES. Stay blissfully asleep. Accept the lies. Accept the control. Accept shrinking returns on your investment. Or, stretch yourself. Question your old beliefs. Are they serving you? Who are they serving? And, what kind of world do you want for your children and your children’s children? BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS EXAMINE FOR YOURSELF.


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