And The Winner Is…The American People & The US Constitution

Do you realize how close we came to losing our Democracy?  We are still not out of the woods until Joe Biden takes the oath (1/20/21).  Do not put anything past Trump.

One week after the decisive election the Idiot will not concede.  And he is having merit-less lawsuits filed across the nation to contest the election.  He fired the Secretary of the Department of Defense over a grudge.  This is a direct threat to our Republic.

We have a madman at the helm of the Titanic and he’s headed for the iceberg at full speed.

America, aren’t you tired of this lunacy?  You know this is not sane behavior, right?  You can distinguish between right and wrong, can’t you?  Truly, we are all in this together.  We are one nation under God.

Are you Americans or are you Trumplandians?  Trump has brought us to this place in history.  We must choose, every one of us. You cannot be both.  Where is your loyalty?  It is either to your country or the madman.  And you can thank Trump for putting you in this position.

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