American Patriots

Life long Democrat’s assessment of elected Democrats’ words & behavior

What the ****!  Close ranks around your leader.  Biden cannot do it all alone. Nor should he have to.  Learn from the Republicans: they support and spread the big Lie!  Afghanistan was created & exploited by Republicans (remember “W,” Cheney & Halliburton)?  The facts!  All of a sudden it is on Biden, and the Democrats are clutching their pearls.

You wonder at the vitriol from the Press. They exploit the misinformation with the help of Democrats!  Republicans are predicable. They are Trump’s lackeys.  Why do you not call them out, again and again? They have a big internet presence. Match it!

The stakes are HUGE!  Dems need to get off their Ivy League duffs and suit up for battle.  We are at war!  The future of our Democracy and our Planet are at stake.  You know this.  Fight for our country, our world and our planet.  (“Help us, Obi Wan. You’re our only hope!”)  This is your charge.  It is unprecedented.

Trump & GOP set us up for this.  The GOP always creates a mess and the Democrats have to fix it as best they can.  This is our history.  And the mess gets bigger and bigger.  Well, this mess contains both the pandemic, which grew legs with Trump, escalating climate change that is more evident daily, and ending a 20 year Republican war.  Now, it’s up to Biden.

Democrats:  Step up!  Quit whining.  Surround and support your/our leader.  Shame on us for playing into GOP’s Lies!  God bless Pres. Biden.  We could not have a better leader at this time – and you all know it.  So get with it!  The Press will spread their propaganda.  Amazing how they tip toed around Trump, still do!  So, take on the big Lies, again and again!  We are in extraordinary times.  Democrats must rise to the occasion.  Friends, that is why you are there at this time and place in history.  IT IS YOUR DUTY!

God bless you and your mission!  God bless America!

PS:  Note to Sens. Manchin & Sinema:  Knock it off!  Your Party and your Country need you.  Do your job, do your duty!

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