Enough About Me, What Do You Think About Me?

ME, ME, ME! Such is the malignant narcissist who calls himself the President of us. Really? Undoubtedly.
So, we are in a pandemic. This is worldwide. What has this leader done to protect the people of this country? Not much. He does what he always does:



IT IS NEVER his fault!

It, whatever It is, has the same pattern. It could be circular. It is a map of his mind. And it follows his disease. Labels like malignant narcissist, sociopath, paranoia are medical terms describing mental illnesses. We are not medical doctors. We do not diagnose, but we can read. The DSM 5 is the diagnostic and statistical manual, 5th update. It is where mental illnesses are defined and described in great detail. It is the final word on diagnosing a mental illness. Look for yourself. Do an online search. Search “narcissist “ “sociopath “ “paranoia.”

This Idiot King wants autocratic power. But he accepts no responsibility. Now he is inciting violence via tweet. Most states are on lock down. But Idiot King is clever (not smart!) He focuses on states with Democratic governors and tweets “Liberate Connecticut “ for example. So his lunatic base shows up en mass toting weapons of war.

REALLY folks? I guess they won’t believe the truth until they contract Coronavirus! We don’t not wish it on anyone. But, at the Idiot King’s prompting, they are playing with fire.

If the Idiot King is so sure of his position, why is he not holding rallies in these states, putting himself in harm’s way?

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