Where were you when The Democracy FELL?

It was a dark time in the once great Democracy.  They had become complacent.  The Democracy had protected them for more than 200 years.  It was indestructible, or so they thought.  It was the envy of countries around the world.  It was the hope of countless refugees and immigrants.

The Democracy was the pillar of the United States of America.  But pillars are not strong on their own.  They must be fortified by the people it protects.

Democracy is a government system OF THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE.

What happens when the people turn their back on self-governance and blindly follow a game show host?  Oh, and not just any game show host.  This one has a total narcissistic personality.  What does that mean?  It means that it’s always and forever all about him.  Not about the Country, nor the people.  You know the logical end game is for the Democracy to loose to an AUTOCRACY.  In other words, the country founded by Washington, Jefferson, Paine, Hamilton and Franklin is destroyed so that the LIAR CAN HAVE COMPLETE CONTROL OVER THE ONCE GREAT AND SHINING STAR OF DEMOCRACY.

Yep folks, that is the playbook.  We roll over and play dead while (and let’s be honest, folks) dictator Putin blows smoke up the LIAR’S ass, and the LIAR kisses Putin’s ass.

So, why do so many people blindly follow the LIAR?  The reality is far bleaker.  For the once great GOP has rolled over and played dead while the LIAR took control of the Party.

It’s important to understand why the LIAR ascended to power and maintains control of the GOP so easily:  the reason is the DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA.  For many years the GOP has exerted backward control over school text books, most being published in Texas…and we have come to learn the The Texas Bias. Back in the ‘90s George W. Bush actively courted the Evangelical vote.  But, of course, the Evangelicals had their own agenda.  And that agenda has tarnished the Courts, all the way to the US Supreme Court.  Evangelicals and the GOP agenda also affected the material in children’s text books.  In other words, the DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA had begun in earnest.

So, when the LIAR appealed to the FEARS, HATREDS, AND DARKEST INSTINCTS of the people of this great land, many jumped aboard.  They had not learned how to think; they still do not know how to reason.  They are fertile soil for LIES.  But, they are not alone.  The elected officials of the GOP did not help.  They did not counter the LIES with truth.  Hell, they jumped aboard the LIAR’S train, repeating the LIES, afraid the base would vote them out.

That brings us to present day.  By now, we all know the stakes.  We are closer to loosing our Democracy than ever.  We are actively involved in the Civil War 2.0.  We need to recognize this or we won’t be able to protect our Democracy.

DEMOCRATS!  We must be on the offensive.  Don’t let McConnell and Co. call the shots, constantly putting us on the defensive.  THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT POWER AND STAYING ON THE LIAR’S GOOD SIDE.

CALL TO ACTION:  The future of our Democracy is in danger.  Calling on all PATRIOTIC AMERICANS: Your country needs you as never before.  Join with other Patriots – Democrats, Independents, Smart Republicans and allies – NOW IS THE TIME TO STEP FORWARD AND PROTECT OUR DEMOCRACY!

The Times Have Found Us.  Let us meet the Times with Reason, Truth, Courage and Hope.  Let us usher the United States of America into the 21st century as the power and hope of WE THE PEOPLE!  Let us always be the BEACON OF HOPE for all the world to see!

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